I have houseworked and now we are clean and tidy. Laundry out on the line; it was lovely and sunny when I pressed the switch on the washing machine but dull and grey by the time I was hanging out the clothes. (No blackbird threatening to peck my nose, though.)

I noticed the lawn is still very sparse and the seed we sprinkled some time ago is sat on the soil still in seed form. I thought I’d water it to encourage germination as we’ve only done that a handful of times since sowing, which I’m guessing was not enough. Now, how difficult can it be to use a hose pipe? I’ve twiddled,  twisted, pushed, pulled the nozzle but nothing happens. (Yes, the tap is open.) So I’ve put the kettle on for tea which I’m sure will solve the problem.

I’m determined not to ask the Toyboy for help with this one…it’s just a hose pipe!

EDIT: I did it


2 Comments to “Non-germination!”

  1. No, she didn’t… ;o)

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