The Secrets of Scott’s Hut

Last night I watched on BBC2 (it’s not often I watch television at all) The Secrets of Scott’s Hut: “Adventurer and broadcaster Ben Fogle has been given exclusive access to Scott’s hut and, in this programme, spends a few weeks there, on the remote Cape Evans in Antarctica, alongside a dedicated team of conservationists working to restore Scott’s weather-beaten hut and its artefacts – without disturbing the past.”

My mother-in-law-to-be once showed me a guide to George Bernard Shaw’s house, which she had visited. The best photograph was of his desk. I know, if I was there I’d be sneaking beyond the thick rope to touch his pen and that’s how I feel about Scott’s hut. Having just read his journal of the last expedition I wanted to be Ben Fogle…to stand where the men stood, to touch the table, walk through the stables. I’m all for preserving this but it does seem a dreadful shame no-one can see it. There were moments when I thought (more likely thought out loud)  “Wow” but if I’d been there I would have hooted (or pocketed something…)

George Bernard Shaw was a founding member of The Vegetarian Society


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