Parmesan, penguins and beer

More posts on the Parmesan debate on Delia Smith’s website
(transcript here)

I’ve read a little more. Mr Cherry-Garrard has set off for Cape Crozier and the Emperor penguins. It still seems to me that no-one, not the men, the dogs nor the ponies were ever going to be fit enough to make it to the South Pole and back; and the supplies were woefully lacking and they all knew it. I get the impression Scott, knowing Amundsen was heading for the Pole was going for it no matter what. I may be doing him an injustice so I shall read a couple more people’s accounts then Ranulph Feinnes’ book, which praises Scott, then still be undecided…

Another beautiful, sunny day but quite breezy. I’ve had yet more Salt and Pepper bread followed by an apple and pecan slice (oh, the shame) but as I had no breakfast I felt justified. There’s beer in the ‘fridge and snooker on television for TB. I shall make a pot of tea (beer’s for boys, tea’s for girls) and snuggle on the sofa with TB and Cherry-Garrard


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