Good News Bad News

Well, here I am having fun at a wig fitting


This bob grew on me but on reflection I think not and I rather like the blonde colour of this but not the style…

…but this I love because it’s the same style as my real hair but a few inches longer.

“And why so, are you playing with wigs?” I hear you ask? It’s a Good News Bad News thing.
The Bad News is I have Breast Cancer. The Good News is it’s treatable and we are very optimistic. I have a fantastic care team and  I have my wonderful husband, so I consider myself to be very lucky.

So far I have had a biopsy (very ouchy because I have very small boobs..I had to have double the dose of aneasthetic) and a bone scan.

This is the bruising five days later…it got darker and smaller. I still have it nearly two weeks later!

This is the Bone Scanner…it’s quite a beast. I wonder how much such a thing costs and I’m grateful for the health care which is unquestioningly available to me. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the oncologist (The Chemo Guy) and next week I have appointments for a CT Scan and a Heart Echo. Then I have to have a Coil Marker fitted against the tumour (double the dose planned) so my surgeon can gauge the extent of shrinkage during chemotherapy. Then the treatment begins!

The plan is to start with chemo in order to shrink the little bugger, which is currently 2.9cm. Then my surgeon is hoping I will only need a lumpectomy rather than a total mastectomy. Either way I will lose the nipple. I will be able to have reconstructive surgery but as I am tiny there isn’t enough of my tissue to use so I will need an implant (he says I can have both boobs done and go up a cup size or two..woohoo!) and he will make me a new nipple. I will need radiotherapy so I’m not sure when I get the new boobs but in the great scheme of things, they can wait.

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