Heineken, Carlsberg and Scans

This morning I had a Computed Tomography Scan on one of these babies!

I had to arrive an hour early so I could be given six cups of water (six wees ensued) as this somehow helps with the scans. After the first one I was hooked up via a needle to some dye which helps my inside bits show up. What a crazy job some people have…scanning bits of people. That said, I’m extremely glad they do.

I was allowed to wear Lincoln County Hospital’s best designer number…I could see the passion in TB’s eyes  ;o)

Next was an EchoCardioGram. Nothing much to report really except it’s rather awesome seeing my heart…we take far too much for granted.

On the way to the hospital I snapped this.

which elicited this comment from my son:
“Interesting… Heineken claimed on the brewery tour that everything was grown & sourced in the Netherlands…”
I’m guessing it’s so flat round here that it’s an easy mistake.

Yesterday, TB’s parents came over. Captain John taught the children how to play Three Card Brag.

(Actually, they were playing Beggar Thy Neighbour, which as a child I called Strip Jack Naked.)


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