An excuse to shop :o)

I went Chemo Shopping this morning (any excuse!)…possibly a little early but I wanted to get it done while I was feeling up to it and clear headed and financially sound enough to get it right.

So, I bought:
Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter (as raved about all over the press for the past year and three for two)…very pure and pure is a good thing during chemo
Six pairs of false eyelashes (probably an excessive amount but it was all buy one get one free)…for when my eyelashes go AWOL
Two child’s toothbrushes and paste…gentle on a sore mouth and gums
Crystal deodorant…I already use this but need a spare for my emergency bag

I couldn’t  get the recommended eye drops (for when the sore eyes kick in) so will try next time.
There are some other bits and bobs to get but they can wait.  Was wondering if new shoes and bags might help ;o)
There’s also a lot of stuff which I could buy but I will be able to get from the doctors. (Drugs to make me poo, drugs too stop me pooing, drugs to make me eat, drugs to make me hang on to what I’ve eaten. Are we having fun yet?)

I’ve also packed my emergency bag, ready in case of…emergency!
Again, I’ve done this before it needs doing (which may be never) as it makes it easier for us.

One Comment to “An excuse to shop :o)”

  1. Just what I like to hear, a lady well prepared in advance! I had no idea just how much you need although when Dad had cancer and had to have radiation and chemo we had to hunt down unscented ‘simple’ talc and he couldn’t wash certain parts of his body. It’s all a lot more complex than most of us realise.

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