A good hair day…every day!

Yesterday, I did indeed collect my first wig…
soon I shall be collecting another rather different one…watch this space!
I also collected a stand, a brush, some conditioning spray and some wig shampoo. Apparently it isn’t necessary to douse it in Chanel so I need a different reason to stock up on that…hmmm…like I ever need an excuse.

This is my serious face….good, no?
I still have all my own hair (I’m 95 you know!) which is pinned up under the wig…

…and it makes it a little hard to wear the wig.

So I think as soon as I have my other wig, I shall have my hair cropped to make everything easier. I don’t feel so bad about that now and I want to be adept at this wig lark before it becomes a necessity (for me, anyway)

TB and I were so excited/shocked/upset about buying/needing a wig that we forgot about the VAT exemption on hairpieces for cancer patients.
I shall call the shop today to see if it’s too late.
(I’d quite like £40 back!)

So far I’ve worn this for a couple of hours last night and about three hours today and already it makes my own hair look rubbish! I’m thinking Cheryl Cole, Kelly Rowlands, Raquel Welch, Beyonce…maybe I’ll always wear a wig. This is how my hair was to look in a couple of years and I have my eye on a wig which is a style I used to have but haven’t been able to find a hairdresser able to cut it like the wonderful Darren used to. So mmmmmmaybe…

2 Comments to “A good hair day…every day!”

  1. That looks fantastic and suits you so much.

    You’re giving me ideas here to give my Lovely Hubby a shock and suddenly sport long luscious locks, I have short cropped blode hair and he drools over photos of me with my hair when it was just like your wig!!

    Sue xx

  2. I have to admit that it really doesn’t look like a wig.

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