Snackette and our first date

I have been contemplating the recommended diet for chemotherapy patients (I’d like to say the elite few but it seems that is not the case…it’s all too prevalent) and luckily for me, no adjustments are necessary although the addition of chips will be essential in a “I’ve had a sh*t day and I WANT chips NOW” situation.
It is nice to have my vegan diet endorsed.

Here is a little snackerooni I had this evening.
There are a couple of snaps here of some of my meals…there’s a photograph of my home-made chips, too.

I have a date next week with The Chemo Guy (maybe a movie, dinner, FEC Cocktails) followed by
my first chemo session.

I’ve ordered a duplicate wig (one on my head, one in the wash).
I’m still waiting for my prescription charge exemption certificate so I can collect my groooooovy sunburst finish wig.
I have no need for a merkin (google it!)…it’ll be one less hassle in the shower ;o)

Things are getting closer now.

It’s what I was getting a little impatient for but now I don’t want it because what I really want is not to have cancer.
(I’d also like a pony and Jack Bauer’s ‘phone number but hey…)


5 Comments to “Snackette and our first date”

  1. That looks like a gorgeous plate of food, Yasmin. Lovely stuff. Okay, now I wish I hadn’t googled “merkin” at work, on the work pooter. Lol! The way to look at the chemo is when you get the first one down, it’s one less in the overall plan. (hug, hug hug)

    Sue x

  2. I like that approach, Sue…it’s kind of how I approach my husbands ;o)

  3. I hope your ‘first date’ goies well.

    When you said one to wear and one in the wash, I had visions of your lovely wig tumbling around in the washing machine!!

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