…and it ought to be square

There are workmen round the corner installing a new drain (I think). They dug a deep hole…but not a round hole… a very square hole

It reminded of this Bernard Cribbins Classic

Don’t dig there, dig it elsewhere
Your digging it round and it ought to be square
The shape of it’s wrong, it’s much much too long
And you can’t put hole where a hole don’t belong

My second wig arrived today. How good a service is that? The company I used is Banbury Postiche and I shall without doubt be using them again. The VAT was deducted (cancer patients are exempt from VAT on wigs) so I am a happy bunny.

I also received my Prescription Charge Exemption Card. Not something I ever thought would be in my wallet but then I never thought there’d be cancer in my boob.

EDIT: I finally did the Sticky Post thing!


One Comment to “…and it ought to be square”

  1. “And beneath it was the man in the bowler hat……!” (I used to love that – isn’t there something eternally innocent about Bernard Cribbins even when he’s being cheeky?)

    Fab service from your wig people – and glad you got the VAT deducted on this one. 8-)

    Sticky post things, blogs – it’s all new stuff to me too – wasn’t sure where my “comment” would end up this morning when I tentatively tapped away on the old pooter keys. Now our old Paddy (my old and very much loved pud who was twenty anna bit when we eventually had to let him go) was a dab hand at all things pootering, and could compose a much more coherent sentence than me with scarcely more than a cocked whisker and a frown of concentration as he contemplated the keyboard.

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