Not for onions

Yesterday evening I sat at the kitchen table while TB cooked dinner (nothing fancy, just a simple pasta dish) and this was going through my head:

No, you’ve chopped the onion on the wrong board…now anything else chopped on there will taste of onions.
You’ve put the green pepper in too late.
Don’t leave a wooden spoon in the washing up water…the wood will expand.
No…you’ve salted the water before it’s boiling and that can pit the pan.
Oh God…you’ve put a hot pan on the chopping board and that will open the grain.
Etc etc etc…

All this when I’m feeling fine.
How on earth will I relax after chemotherapy when there are people in my kitchen abusing my knives?
(Knives which get a little sharpening action each time I use them)

I have a plan…Post-It notes:

“The pink towels do not belong here!”
“This drawer is for table cutlery…scissors are kept in the one below”
“I love you with all my heart”

TB and I have very traditional roles…he does the boys’ jobs, I do the girls’ stuff. I take care of him and he provides for me. It is going to be very hard not to feel like I am letting him down. He tells me that for now he will look after me and when I’m better I can look after him…and put everything back in it’s rightful place ;o)


3 Comments to “Not for onions”

  1. Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only one like that!! When my Lovely Hubby cooks, or irons, or hoovers etc etc etc I am going about whatever I’m doing (or not doing) with that sort of commentary running through my head all the time, I was wondering if I was becoming a control freak, but thanks to you now I just think I’m normal…….I think!!

  2. That sounds like a book title, Not For Onions… Perhaps a black comedy, the protagonist goes to extreme lengths to make sure the people around her do things the way she likes them done. It could be like Midsomer Murders with a twist!

  3. Someone else in my kitchen…? I wouldn’t leave post-it notes but a detailed plan of where everything belongs and what to use and when to use it and that a clean and immaculate kitchen must be left at all times!

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