Vertical…? Overrated!

Hello, TB here.

Just to let you all know my wife has spent the last 24 hours unable to stand up.  At one point I received a text declaring she’d made it downstairs but couldn’t make it back up again.  Needless to say this expedited my return, although when I arrived she was back in bed! She’ll be back to post again in a day or two.

The worst days were imagined to be slightly under the weather, propped-up-on-a-pillow in bed, laptop-on-a-tray.  But they’re not like that at all.  What does one do when sitting up makes the room spin but one isn’t actually tired?

My answer: Rely on the support of those who love you and stop trying not to be a patient

As always, thank you for reading and commenting. It really does help.


14 Comments to “Vertical…? Overrated!”

  1. Be a patient, but if you are anything like me you’ll never be a patient patient!!

    I know you don’t know me (except as a recent commenter) but if you click on my name on this comment and then click on the link this brings up to my Blog, you can travel down the righthand sidebar and bring up my email address. Email me with your address and simply trust me.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon, and no, vertical is most definitely not overrated it’s wonderful, but sometimes horizontal has to be the way for a while.

    Enjoy the Olympic Opening Ceremony from whatever angle you view it.

    Take care
    Sue xx

  2. Thank you, Sue. I seem to be rallying at last! One advantage of being locked away in the bedroom is no TV and joy oh joy no Olympics! :o) By the way, I love your blog x

  3. Yasmin, your TB speaks a lot of sense. Let others look after you while your balance control is faulty and just rest – you’ll soon be up and about again. I see you’re a fellow Olympic enthusiast! Hope you feel a lot better soon and that you both have a relaxing weekend x

  4. *Blushes dramatically* thank you for saying so.

    The opening ceremony is the ONLY bit of the Olympics I will be watching, and even this is because I have been bribed with a bottle of wine and the biggest bag of handmade cheese and onion crisps EVER!!

    Bang goes the diet!!

    Sue xx

  5. Where’s the Green and Blacks comment…? Makes sense that does. :)

    I’m not great at being a patient either, Yasmin.

  6. Must admit to enjoying the Life and Joy the volunteers have injected into this opening ceremony.
    Yes, I have many misgivings about the amount of money spent and how much could be done for other “more deserving” causes, but it’s here and it’s happening. I embrace this as there’s nothing I can do to change it now.

    Life is, in itself, a Work of Art, as indeed are you Yasmin. I know you have as much, if not more, Life and Joy about you as those participants down there on that field. Please watch some incredible people doing everything they can to be the very best they can be, volunteers and Athletes alike. I think you’ll be inspired.

    Then when you get the energy, do please jump on the bed. I just loved that part.

  7. Lots of love to you, Yasmin. It’s hard having to accept that you can’t get up from an op and immediately go clean the house and do the gardening. Well done to your family too; I know it’s hard being the cancer patient but I think, in a strange way, it’s even harder for them. Hope you feel better soon and everything goes your way from hereon in x

    • Sophie, this is the week after my first chemo! I’m thinking surgery will be a doddle…also, I know surgery will be a mile stone and also a precursor to slightly bigger boobs :o)

  8. It’s really good to see an update from you, even if it is from TB on your behalf. I have been worried by the silence, glad to hear you are bouncing back.

    Oh and the highlight of the Olympic opening ceremony for many was the inclusion of THE Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as the inventor of the internet. I was impressed at the number of the real people they had in it, not just actors playing them. It really was a triumph, a celebration of British history and all that is great about the UK, if you get a chance to watch it on BBC iPlayer it would be worth watching the first part before all of the competitors come out with their flags (that part kinda dragged!) Oh and do watch out for the Queen as she makes a surprise entrance! ;-)

    I probably won’t watch much of the actual Olympics either though.

    • May I correct myself there – Tim Berners-Lee was credited with the invention of the World Wide Web, not the internet. Just wanted to clear up that nerdy distinction. Thank you also Mr TB for being a top bloke and for looking after Mrs TB so well.

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