Just sayin’…

When you see my wigs on the shelf, do not snigger, nudge your friend and say,
“Go on, you put it on; it’ll be funny”…you insensitive oaf.

Is it funny when I put it on? Is it a laugh? Um…no.

Don’t make me throw away the wig you have tainted with your ridicule.
Don’t make me hide until I’m certain you’ve forgotten how I used to look.

Just sayin’…


7 Comments to “Just sayin’…”

  1. Geesh, someone did that? Did they forget their tact that day…? :/

  2. This is so beautifully written, your talent for expression is amazing, so poignant and powerful.
    I hope the person it’s aimed at feels thoroughly ashamed of themselves, and I hope you publish more of these works, Yasmin. ((( 0 ))) (that’s supposed to be a hug). Sheila x

  3. Yasmin – a big hug to you.

    You’re a beautiful woman, and so much more – funny, talented, warm, courageous and amazing. (((hug)))

    Don’t allow the sniggerers and nudgers to linger in your life. Let them be the things you throw away, cast off and let go xxx

  4. Perhaps you should have a comedy wig for that occasion, then it actually would be funny and everyone could laugh (at the wig). Or maybe not… am I as bad as the person you describe? I’ll get me coat.

  5. In the words of John Davis:

    “You all laugh at me, because I’m different – I laugh at you because you’re all the same….”


  6. I really do apologise, sorry!

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