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August 31, 2012


Do I love it or hate it? Guess…

August 31, 2012


I watched TB mow the lawn today and had a bit of a Lady Chatterley moment

August 30, 2012

Fec fail

I saw the Chemo Guy this morning and my ultrasound shows no shrinkage (which we had kind of sussed) and that my tumour isn’t responding to the FEC part of my chemotherapy…which is a real bummer. So, he’s cancelled tomorrow’s FEC chemo session and instead has me starting Herceptin and Docetaxol chemo next week.

It means a fair bit of to and fro frollicks to the hospital again (just when I thought we’d got a routine sorted) and some jiggling about of TB’s diary but when I looked at the nurse and said “Hmmm…we have TB’s children that day and you want me here for six hours and then some” she had a look on her face which said “AND?!” So I shall sit it out on my own while TB has the not-so little ones. Not sure how to occupy myself for six hours in a not overly comfortable chair…Kindle and iPod time, I guess.
I must take a picnic, too  :o)

August 29, 2012

Nigella in my Kitchen :o)

Ooh…look what I found for just £10!

I love this lady’s approach and I like how she writes. I downloaded a free sample of this book to my Kindle and was very impressed. I also downloaded a sample of a bad book which was far from impressive and managed to actually buy the blooming thing instead of closing the sample! Sometimes a touch screen and long nails do not go together. I was able to return the bad book and get a refund. (I’m still trying to get my head round receiving and returning something which I never actually received, in that it was never in my hand…ah the bemusings of a Luddite)

I had my weekly blood test this morning. I’m still feeling really good but tomorrow I have an appointment with the Chemo Guy who I guess will tell me if last week’s ultra sound has shown any shrinkage yet…I fear not. Then chemo on Friday so all the rubbish stuff will start again…but that means the good stuff will follow.

August 28, 2012

Food Blog

My food related posts are getting a little lost on here and I know there are people out there who follow me for my food (each to his own) so I have created a dedicated food blog which can be found here More Food and Stuff
It is simply a blog
, no other gubbins to clutter it up…all the gubbins are on this blog.

It’s easy to switch from one to the other and you can subscribe to each or both or neither :o)

August 26, 2012

Thank you, Celeste

A big thank you to Wendy and Celeste for the gift and Celeste, it was lovely to see you.
You always leave us a little breathless but smiling :o)

August 26, 2012

Man, it feels good to feel good!

Since Thursday I have felt great and I blooming love it. I’ve been to Tesco (see? I feel so good even going to Tesco was fun) instead of shopping online and the kitchen is full of fruit and vegetables and grains and olives and capers. I’ve cooked and cooked and cooked and loved every minute of it.

On Wednesday I had an appointment for an ultrasound to check for shrinkage of my tumour. I guess the Chemo Guy will let me know next Thursday. TB had a squidge and to be honest, it doesn’t seem to be any smaller.

I took the opportunity on Wednesday to make an actual appointment with one of the Macmillan Breast Cancer Nurses as we had so many questions which the consultants and surgeons either don’t have the time to discuss fully or don’t quite understand that to them it’s all routine stuff but to us it’s a bag of bollox. Andrea was brilliant. She went through my histology report with us and gave me information on reconstruction.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes but I’ve decided not to mark the event anymore. (I spent it feeling absolutely cruddy and horizontal again.) The obligation to have a “lovely day” is such a strange thing. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a lovely day just because it’s been my birthday; I’ve had plenty of other lovely days though. So no need to send poor taste comedy cards or waste money on gifts for which I have no use. And doesn’t a gift mean so much more when it’s not been sent because it’s felt necessary? Every day has its own special moment; sometimes it’s simply a cup of fresh coffee in the garden. That’ll do for me…always has and always will xx

August 21, 2012

Antarctic Obsession

My small collection of books about Polar exploration, mostly Antarctic and mostly related to Scott and my obsession with the good guy/bad guy thing; I can’t decide until I’ve read many more accounts of Scott’s final expediton and others around that time. I have more related books on my wishlist and yet more on my Kindle Touch, which TB gave me for my birthday. (Along with some new Pandora and Chamelia beads.)

My trip to the Scott Polar Research Institute, blogged about here,  fuelled my obsession a little more but there are worse things with which I could fill my bookshelves…Fifty Shades of Poorly Written Drivel for one!

These are delicious. I bought a couple of boxes from the Polar Research place but they are available here!

Yep, I even have this. I can’t get it right with Kara Coconut Milk…it was great with soya milk though.

August 16, 2012

Not angry…

I’ve realised it’s not anger I feel, nor injustice, nor even WTF? but resentment.

A couple of months ago I was unaware that I had breast cancer. I was fit and healthy, stupidly happy, had reached a very good turning point in my work and was loving it. Finances had been tight but TB and I were just getting it all sorted.
Life was blooming good!

I think a lot of us keep quiet about feeling like this because we should just be grateful for our treatment (and I am) but I hate that my life has been changed FOREVER. I loved it just the way it was, thank you very much xx

On a lighter note, I won’t be out of bed for long today but the sun is shining on the tree outside the bedroom window and it is full of birds. Life IS good, just different now and that’s going to take a little getting used to.

Oh and TB is gorgeous and I do enjoy a shallow moment…phwoar!!!!

August 15, 2012

Macmillan Coffee Morning and Thank You, Pav xx

People, I can’t plan things at the moment as I’m a bit random in how I feel from day to day, which is actually, for me, the worst side-effect, so I can’t hold a Macmillan Coffee Morning (done it before, it’s great fun). If any of you cupcake addicts would consider such a thing it would be wonderful. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be 28th September!

And thank you, Pav, for the donation and the hug.