Little Princess Trust

A couple of weeks ago TB cut five inches off my hair, making it just about shoulder length. It looked rubbish, neither short nor long and just not me. A couple of days ago he cropped it to about an inch/inch and a half and it looks great. My wigs now fit so much better, feel and (to me) look less “wiggy”. They are more comfortable and it only takes me minutes to do my hair!

My hair was in poor condition having been abused by colour, hair driers, straighteners, tongs but ladies, if you have to do this and your hair is good, please consider Little Princess Trust which

“provides real hair wigs to children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment. We supply and fully fund the best wigs available from all over the world, especially designed for children.  We also provide personal fitting and styling to ensure the wig is as close as possible to the original hair.”

This morning more of it is starting to fall and it has become obvious that I will lose it all. I think while I still have hair, albeit very short, I still don’t quite believe it will all fall out. Every morning I peer warily in the mirror, not certain of what I’ll see. (Same old bird so far!) When I shower, I gingerly check the plug hole…so in some ways, once it has all gone it will be a relief.

TB finishes work at lunchtime today. It’s a beautiful day so he may get on his bike or put on his running shoes. When he’s done his fitness bit and I’ve taken shameful advantage of his breathless state (I love his tri-suits), I think we may get the clippers out…yikes!

Emily’s Little Princess drawing

6 Comments to “Little Princess Trust”

  1. I had very long hair up until December last year….I heard about The Little Princess Trust from a friend who sent her hair in the past, so I bit the bullet and had a haircut. I sent around a foot of hair to them! (After checking with a hairdresser it was in good condition, obviously!)

  2. My sister had longer than waist length hair and chopped it to the shoulder for the Little Princess Trust… luckily her hair was never coloured, blow dried or straightened. A lovely charity that makes a difference to young sufferers x

  3. That’s such a lovely thing to do Yasmin. Hair loss isn’t an easy thing to come to terms with, but think of it for now as a metamorphosis – a stage to travel through to wellness and the return of a full head of hair again (straight please any Hair Gods listening – think Yasmin prefers straight hair?) Your wig pics are fantastic – I love the long dark one, but I also think you’re the sort of woman who would suit your hair long or short, straight or – dare I say it – curly.

    I’m afraid my hair resolutely refuses to grow past my shoulders now (hormonal hair!) and is not the kind that anyone would realistically welcome as a donation, but it keeps me ears warm, and that’s a good thing. 8-) I know others who’ve donated to the Little Princess Trust, and you can all of you hold your heads up very high.

  4. The scene in one of the last series of Sex and The City when Samantha is worried about her hair falling out and her rather yummy toyboy boyfriend (I can’t think of his name but I can pcture his gorgeous face) shaves all his hair off and then hers is such a strong image it has always stuck with me…..perhaps that is the way to go!! Love is always there ….hair or no hair.

    Sue xx

    • Sue, I remember that scene. On Friday my Toyboy husband took the clippers to my head as my hair was beginning to fall more. I didn’t want to have it shaved so I have a number 4 which is short enough for me not to see hair on the pillow, in the shower, in my dinner! I loved the crop, but this number 4 is too stark for me.

      • It may be too stark at the moment, but your own hair will be back, hopefully sooner than you think. Try and see it as a slightly different you for a while, you are being given a chance to play around with your image, perhaps you didn’t really want this chance, but you may as well shrug your shoulders and play along with the game.

        At least you have a really pretty face and you will never look like one of the women on Prisoner Cell Block H, however short your hair… THAT would be depressing!!

        Sue xx

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