One for the Ladies (Men, scroll down for yours!)

Right, ladies, now that I have your attention…
(men, keep scrolling)

If you tot up all the numbers, women in the UK spend more than £20 million a month on towels, tampons and liners. So please consider using these from Halo. They really are as good as the leading brand (and cheaper), especially the compact tampons and 15p from every retail sale goes to women’s charities. They are only sold at Tesco, which is a shame but I guess maybe Tesco are part of the initiative.

And the “Show Us Your Knickers” page seems like fun!

(EDIT: I contacted Halo and the response came from Tesco…so now you know.)

And men like cricket, right? Well, I love it so here you are, boys…


2 Comments to “One for the Ladies (Men, scroll down for yours!)”

  1. Not sure what the first bit was about but that last picture made it all worth while.

  2. Yup, you look very good in whites, I also like the top one :-D
    I’ve written to Ocado to see if they would consider taking Halo on as a new line. I like the idea of quality brands being used as a lead-in for charitable donations, nice one Yasmin!
    Sheila x

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