Not angry…

I’ve realised it’s not anger I feel, nor injustice, nor even WTF? but resentment.

A couple of months ago I was unaware that I had breast cancer. I was fit and healthy, stupidly happy, had reached a very good turning point in my work and was loving it. Finances had been tight but TB and I were just getting it all sorted.
Life was blooming good!

I think a lot of us keep quiet about feeling like this because we should just be grateful for our treatment (and I am) but I hate that my life has been changed FOREVER. I loved it just the way it was, thank you very much xx

On a lighter note, I won’t be out of bed for long today but the sun is shining on the tree outside the bedroom window and it is full of birds. Life IS good, just different now and that’s going to take a little getting used to.

Oh and TB is gorgeous and I do enjoy a shallow moment…phwoar!!!!

5 Comments to “Not angry…”

  1. I think it’s good to let stuff like this out sometimes. Get it off your chest in more ways than one, as it were. You have every right to feel resentment. Especially as you acknowledge it’s something you won’t hang on to. ((hug))

    Life will be changed – different. But it can be great again. You’re great, darn it !

    (I don’t mean, darn it as in pick up that needle and get stitching, obviously – stitching is only great if you enjoy it. I don’t. Don’t like stitching. I once stitched a button on my hubby’s uniform button front fly trousers, not realising it was on the wrong way. He had to hasten to work with a strategic safety pin. Not a good look….)

  2. You’re right not to feel angry, why waste your energy on anger. Resentment, sure, you’re bound to feel that, your life has been turned upside down through absolutely no fault of your own….resentment is the very least of what you should feel.

    Life is good if you let it be, we should all take time to notice the sunshine, hear the birdsong and enjoy the moment.

    Lovely that TB is gorgeous, a girl has to have some vices when she’s feeling low (and there’s nothing wrong with a shallow moment….lol)!!

  3. I like stitching, but never admit it to OH, as it’s usually his carelessness I’m mending. I like to tut and frown at him while I’m doing it, all the time marvelling at my intricate, hidden, tiny stitches and the feelings of accomplishment, deep satisfaction, achievement.
    Everything in life can be broken down into tiny steps, on stitch at a time: mend it, fix it, make it all better…

  4. The paths of our lives are strewn with cowpats from the devil’s own satanic herd! We just have to hope that the one we step in is a shallow one…

  5. Resentment, anger, sadness, love, happiness, enjoying a shallow moment, are all part of life, your part of life, I look forward to you enjoying more, greater, wider, larger, life experiences in 3D!! I’m looking forward to hearing them – you are a great example of life being lived, its just a little different from what you expected, but live it and you will grow from it.

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