Antarctic Obsession

My small collection of books about Polar exploration, mostly Antarctic and mostly related to Scott and my obsession with the good guy/bad guy thing; I can’t decide until I’ve read many more accounts of Scott’s final expediton and others around that time. I have more related books on my wishlist and yet more on my Kindle Touch, which TB gave me for my birthday. (Along with some new Pandora and Chamelia beads.)

My trip to the Scott Polar Research Institute, blogged about here,  fuelled my obsession a little more but there are worse things with which I could fill my bookshelves…Fifty Shades of Poorly Written Drivel for one!

These are delicious. I bought a couple of boxes from the Polar Research place but they are available here!

Yep, I even have this. I can’t get it right with Kara Coconut Milk…it was great with soya milk though.


One Comment to “Antarctic Obsession”

  1. Do you also have Antarctic Roll? *smirks*

    Antarctic Obsession sounds like a perfume.

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