Man, it feels good to feel good!

Since Thursday I have felt great and I blooming love it. I’ve been to Tesco (see? I feel so good even going to Tesco was fun) instead of shopping online and the kitchen is full of fruit and vegetables and grains and olives and capers. I’ve cooked and cooked and cooked and loved every minute of it.

On Wednesday I had an appointment for an ultrasound to check for shrinkage of my tumour. I guess the Chemo Guy will let me know next Thursday. TB had a squidge and to be honest, it doesn’t seem to be any smaller.

I took the opportunity on Wednesday to make an actual appointment with one of the Macmillan Breast Cancer Nurses as we had so many questions which the consultants and surgeons either don’t have the time to discuss fully or don’t quite understand that to them it’s all routine stuff but to us it’s a bag of bollox. Andrea was brilliant. She went through my histology report with us and gave me information on reconstruction.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes but I’ve decided not to mark the event anymore. (I spent it feeling absolutely cruddy and horizontal again.) The obligation to have a “lovely day” is such a strange thing. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a lovely day just because it’s been my birthday; I’ve had plenty of other lovely days though. So no need to send poor taste comedy cards or waste money on gifts for which I have no use. And doesn’t a gift mean so much more when it’s not been sent because it’s felt necessary? Every day has its own special moment; sometimes it’s simply a cup of fresh coffee in the garden. That’ll do for me…always has and always will xx

2 Comments to “Man, it feels good to feel good!”

  1. It’s very good to hear from you again, and so positive too!

  2. Lovely to hear you sounding so positive. We should treat every day like a birthday, there’s always gifts in store in the most unlikely of places. Noticing the little things in life is where the magic lies (even in Mr T*sco occasionally!!)

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