Nigella in my Kitchen :o)

Ooh…look what I found for just £10!

I love this lady’s approach and I like how she writes. I downloaded a free sample of this book to my Kindle and was very impressed. I also downloaded a sample of a bad book which was far from impressive and managed to actually buy the blooming thing instead of closing the sample! Sometimes a touch screen and long nails do not go together. I was able to return the bad book and get a refund. (I’m still trying to get my head round receiving and returning something which I never actually received, in that it was never in my hand…ah the bemusings of a Luddite)

I had my weekly blood test this morning. I’m still feeling really good but tomorrow I have an appointment with the Chemo Guy who I guess will tell me if last week’s ultra sound has shown any shrinkage yet…I fear not. Then chemo on Friday so all the rubbish stuff will start again…but that means the good stuff will follow.


4 Comments to “Nigella in my Kitchen :o)”

  1. A bargain, I do love a bargain book, I would be no good with a Kindle I like to hold a book in my hands, hence my HUGE collection.

    Good luck tomorrow, I do hope you have some shrinkage, fingers crossed.

    Sue xx

    • Sue, I have surprised myself by having a Kindle. I was staunchly opposed to the whole concept of ebooks; I love the feel and smell of a book. For me it will never replace the pleasure of reading a book but is a great addition to all that. Some books I really have to own. I’m tending to download classics, many of which I do have on the shelf but it is very convenient to stick the Kindle in my bag…oh and it can be read in all positions!

  2. Another Kindle convert here too – again, I also love to feel a book in my hand – is it crinkly paper or stiff, creamy or white, does it smell or not – but I love my Kindle. OH bought it for me as a Christmas present notwithstanding my protestations I didn’t want one. It was invaluable on holiday – my case which is normally stuffed with reading matter rather than holiday essentials like flip flops, was suddenly available for sunscreen and a hat, lol!

    Anyway, sending much love to you Yasmin and fingers crossed here too for shrinkage. Ross also has his paws well and truly crossed for you and sends you a big stripey snoozle with whiskers on. 8-)

  3. You know you may just have swayed me a little. I could put all my favourite fiction on it couldn’t I and then use the shelf space I have freed up for more cook books :-) Seriously considering moving into the modern age here!!

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