Fec fail

I saw the Chemo Guy this morning and my ultrasound shows no shrinkage (which we had kind of sussed) and that my tumour isn’t responding to the FEC part of my chemotherapy…which is a real bummer. So, he’s cancelled tomorrow’s FEC chemo session and instead has me starting Herceptin and Docetaxol chemo next week.

It means a fair bit of to and fro frollicks to the hospital again (just when I thought we’d got a routine sorted) and some jiggling about of TB’s diary but when I looked at the nurse and said “Hmmm…we have TB’s children that day and you want me here for six hours and then some” she had a look on her face which said “AND?!” So I shall sit it out on my own while TB has the not-so little ones. Not sure how to occupy myself for six hours in a not overly comfortable chair…Kindle and iPod time, I guess.
I must take a picnic, too  :o)

3 Comments to “Fec fail”

  1. Yasmin – sending a hug, and a super extra stripey snoozle from Ross .

  2. Oh Gosh, I hope this new treatment has a better effect. Most definitely take a picnic, all your favourite nibbles are most surely needed. (And you talked me into getting a Kindle….I honestly thought it would never happen!!)

    • Ha ha…I never thought I’d have one. What’s rather bad now is that I’m looking for downloads of books I already have! I do see it as a great way to have text books, especially as these days children don’t have their own school desk in which to keep them all. Actually, do they even use text books or is it all on line? Oh, the temptation to write erroneous Wikipedia pages…

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