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September 30, 2012

Oh, such irresistible urges!

I gave in to the urge to knit…after all it is knitting weather. I brought my needles out of hibernation, bought some yarn online, bought some new needles in a real shop called Spins and Needles and began with hats.

Mr Sheep had to have one, too

The new needles I bought are by Knit Pro and I have posted about them on the stuff page.

I have the yarn ready for an aran sweater for TB (aran is what I like to knit the most) and am waiting for the pattern to arrive. There was a time when I knitted so prolifically that a pattern was not needed but it’s been a while…

September 28, 2012

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Today is the day of the Macmillan Coffee Morning.
I hope you all have a great time

September 20, 2012

The world outside my window

The pattern of life right now is thus:  I have one week of feeling rubbish, followed by one week of feeling uber rubbish then a week of feeling ok…then it all starts again. I can’t fit three weeks of life and cooking into one good week.
I am no longer in control and it pi**es me off. It sucks.

People have stuff going on and I sit here and wait for the next hospital appointment or feel ill or
am too tired or too susceptible to bugs to do anything.

I’m fed up with watching crap TV to pass the time. It’s hard to concentrate on reading. So I sit with my laptop and trawl endless crap websites…and man, is there some crap out there!

But hey ho. When all my treatment and surgery is done maybe I can see what all the fuss is
about the world outside my window.

Oh, and apropos of nothing, isn’t this an amazing photograph?

September 17, 2012

Mine’s bigger than yours…

Mr Sheep (that name took some thought) comparing his bandages with mine…lightweight!

Catching up with The Archers Omnibus.

All being well, I should be going home tomorrow.

I’ve missed TB more than I thought possible. He’s spent several hours each day here
but when the lights are dimmed I miss holding his hand as I fall asleep.

September 16, 2012

Then go away some more…

I haven’t posted for a few days as I was admitted to hospital on Friday when my temperature reached 39.4°C  I’m being given intravenous antibiotics and something to increase my white blood cell count and being monitored every few hours…the buggers even wake me up to do all this!

One of the side effects of chemo is a drop in white blood cells, which increases the risk of infection. It seems that an  insignificant germ to whom I would normally say “Get thee away, little bug, go forth from my door” has been able to emulate a superhero germ and maraud my body unchallenged…the cad!

My temperature is now closer to normal but my white blood cell count is still too low so I won’t be allowed home yet.

By the way, what I’d really say to that bug is “You, bug…f**k off and when you get there f**k off some more
then keep f**king off!” 

I shall soon be posting lovely pictures of hospital food on my food blog…yum!

September 13, 2012

Sheep, sun and rebel rousers…

I have to keep my chemo veins stretched which is much easier to do if I warm them first
and now I have this wheat filled chap

Here’s Mr Sheep, about to be zapped!
Thank you, Jonathan…for you kindness and conversion of virtual hugs into the real thing.

For the last few days I’ve felt really bad. This docetaxol is evil stuff but I’m hoping evil is as evil does when it comes to killing of the cancer cells.

Last weekend was beautifully sunny and hot and although I felt dreadful, my spirits were lifted by the gathering my neighbour had in her  garden. There was much laughter and singing of Polish songs and everyone was having such a good time a little of it rubbed off on me. The festivities ceased before dark ( I was hoping for more rousing ditties!) but my smile remained.

I could do with a bit of rebel rousing now…I’ve been in bed all morning, mostly asleep which I like because then I can’t feel the pain but I’d rather be in the kitchen baking. Soon, I tell myself, soon…

September 5, 2012

Need a builder? Call me quick x

I took a massive dose of steroids last night as instructed and was bouncing off the ceiling. I took another massive dose this morning and will take another this evening. So, if you need your garden landscaping or a kitchen extending overnight, I’m your man. Give me a call and I will be round faster than a fast thing!

Docetaxol incognito because it’s light sensitive.
Interestingly, one of its side effects is me being light sensitive so need sunblock (sun?), shades, dark nails…

Monday was my first infusion of Herceptin…had to spend six hours at the hospital as it’s nasty stuff and they
need to monitor me to make sure I have no adverse reaction, which I didn’t.
Tuesday was an ECG as Herceptin can cause heart damage, even failure, so that will act as a benchmark
for regular checks; also had pre-chemo blood test.
Today. was my first infusion of Docetaxol, my new chemo drug.

At about half past midnight last night, after we’d exhausted all the television options (isn’t there some awful crap on there?) I said we should go to bed as TB needed to sleep even if I didn’t. After about half an hour in bed he asked (with a smile) if I was going to stop talking so he could sleep or should we get up again. Can’t help thinking now that I missed an opportunity for some all night luuuurve…

And a huge Thank You to Captain John and Mrs Captain for helping out with the children on Monday. Being able to have TB with me for a couple of hours made such a difference.