Need a builder? Call me quick x

I took a massive dose of steroids last night as instructed and was bouncing off the ceiling. I took another massive dose this morning and will take another this evening. So, if you need your garden landscaping or a kitchen extending overnight, I’m your man. Give me a call and I will be round faster than a fast thing!

Docetaxol incognito because it’s light sensitive.
Interestingly, one of its side effects is me being light sensitive so need sunblock (sun?), shades, dark nails…

Monday was my first infusion of Herceptin…had to spend six hours at the hospital as it’s nasty stuff and they
need to monitor me to make sure I have no adverse reaction, which I didn’t.
Tuesday was an ECG as Herceptin can cause heart damage, even failure, so that will act as a benchmark
for regular checks; also had pre-chemo blood test.
Today. was my first infusion of Docetaxol, my new chemo drug.

At about half past midnight last night, after we’d exhausted all the television options (isn’t there some awful crap on there?) I said we should go to bed as TB needed to sleep even if I didn’t. After about half an hour in bed he asked (with a smile) if I was going to stop talking so he could sleep or should we get up again. Can’t help thinking now that I missed an opportunity for some all night luuuurve…

And a huge Thank You to Captain John and Mrs Captain for helping out with the children on Monday. Being able to have TB with me for a couple of hours made such a difference.

5 Comments to “Need a builder? Call me quick x”

  1. Yasmin – were you tempted to draw bashful eyes on the modesty bag? 8-) I’ve never heard of a coy medicine before!
    Ross wants to send you a special whiskery snoozle, coz he sez “she makes I laff – hee hee!” (That’s in a good way, Yasmin) He wants to know if you want to come round and hang out on the shed roof with him after dark, ‘cos we won’t let him out on his own at night ;-) ) I said I think you have other peas to pod.

    [And yes – there is some Gods awful stuff on TV after midnight….]

  2. There’s some dreadful stuff on tv after midnight, I’ve woke up on the sofa many a time and sat there thinking ‘what is this crap’ but carried on watching it anyway, like you do, when you’re too tired to move!!

    I would have been very tempted to write something, or even draw a face on that bag, next time take a marker pen with you.

  3. Some of my fondest memories are from watching TV late at night… those really bad vampire films are my favourite.

  4. Ah – Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price. See-thru nighties, heaving bosoms and crucifixes made out of two fire irons held together with raffia binding. Lol! Great stuff. Now it just seems to be bizarre quizzes. Bring back Nosferatu (nearly typed Nostradamus!)

    But speaking of Nostradamus, my prediction for the day ahead Yasmin is one filled with hugs for you from all of us. ((hugs))

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