Sheep, sun and rebel rousers…

I have to keep my chemo veins stretched which is much easier to do if I warm them first
and now I have this wheat filled chap

Here’s Mr Sheep, about to be zapped!
Thank you, Jonathan…for you kindness and conversion of virtual hugs into the real thing.

For the last few days I’ve felt really bad. This docetaxol is evil stuff but I’m hoping evil is as evil does when it comes to killing of the cancer cells.

Last weekend was beautifully sunny and hot and although I felt dreadful, my spirits were lifted by the gathering my neighbour had in her  garden. There was much laughter and singing of Polish songs and everyone was having such a good time a little of it rubbed off on me. The festivities ceased before dark ( I was hoping for more rousing ditties!) but my smile remained.

I could do with a bit of rebel rousing now…I’ve been in bed all morning, mostly asleep which I like because then I can’t feel the pain but I’d rather be in the kitchen baking. Soon, I tell myself, soon…

3 Comments to “Sheep, sun and rebel rousers…”

  1. Mr Sheep is very sweet. Don’t know if you have any Bio-Oil, Yasmin? It’s lovely to keep your skin feeling supple and glowing, and might be even nicer if applied by a younger man? xx

  2. I had a wonderful wheatfilled teddy bear that I popped in the microwave to warm him up, when I got him he smelt of lavender and lovliness and I loved a warming cuddle off him when I had tummy ache, one day I zapped him for slightly too long and after that he just smelt of burnt bear….poor Mr Bear :-(

    I love tuftysmum’s suggestion of your nice ToyBoy applying Bio Oil to your skin, it would be wonderfully soothing for you.

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better now.

    Hugs from Berkshire (but not from Burnt Bear unfortunately!!)xx

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