The world outside my window

The pattern of life right now is thus:  I have one week of feeling rubbish, followed by one week of feeling uber rubbish then a week of feeling ok…then it all starts again. I can’t fit three weeks of life and cooking into one good week.
I am no longer in control and it pi**es me off. It sucks.

People have stuff going on and I sit here and wait for the next hospital appointment or feel ill or
am too tired or too susceptible to bugs to do anything.

I’m fed up with watching crap TV to pass the time. It’s hard to concentrate on reading. So I sit with my laptop and trawl endless crap websites…and man, is there some crap out there!

But hey ho. When all my treatment and surgery is done maybe I can see what all the fuss is
about the world outside my window.

Oh, and apropos of nothing, isn’t this an amazing photograph?

4 Comments to “The world outside my window”

  1. It’s because you are being brave enough to go through all this terrible treatment that you can look to the future and soon you’ll be outside that window getting back to being the real you.

    In the meantime cosset the real you, treat her gently, trawl the Blogs and read up on other people and their mad lives, watch only the choicest crap tv and sleep whenever you can. You are fighting a fight, and fighting it well, be nice to the warrior.

    You are an inspiration to me, and I’m just sat here with a hangover feeling sorry for myself.

  2. Oh, and YES that is a brilliant photograph!!

  3. Reminds me of me when I was unemployed, although my hermit habit was self-inflicted. Still, I learned a lot about building websites during that time glued to my computer monitor.. perhaps it is time for you to try something new?

  4. “You are fighting a fight, and fighting it well, be nice to the warrior.” Beautifully put. ((hug))

    Seeing that photo reminds me of the phrase “riding the tiger” – you’re certainly doing that, and you’re more in control than you give yourself credit for. Love to Mr Sheep x

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