Didn’t they tell you?

Yesterday I had my second Herceptin infusion, which I had expected to be a three hour session and we had planned the day accordingly. Not till I was called through was I told I was being “Reloaded” because I’d missed last week (on Chemo Guy’s orders) so I would be there for six hours again.

I’d been told my next session would be two, not three weeks hence, to avoid reloading but apparently that doesn’t work so early on in the Herceptin treatment. I am grateful for my treatment but why can’t these things be made clearer?

“You should have been told” doesn’t help when we’re standing at your desk trying to re-arrange an already re-arranged day.

Not really complaining, I know it’s not your fault but just sayin’

As it happens, all went well and the nurses were brilliant and the six hours passed more quickly than they did before (must have been the packet of HobNobs) and I met a lovely lady from my town.

2 Comments to “Didn’t they tell you?”

  1. I’m just glad to hear you are doing as well as can be expected, we’ll have this cancer licked in no time!

  2. Hi,

    I just found your blog (via Sue, Our New Life in the Country).

    What a brave thing to do, not only go through the treatment but blog about it too.

    With very best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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