Docetaxol, you b*****d

Just a very quick post to say I’ve been in bed since Friday (had docetaxol on Wednesday); never felt so ill in all my days.
I’ll be back as soon as I can


3 Comments to “Docetaxol, you b*****d”

  1. Don’t forget to keep taking the snoozles Yasmin – or we may have to come round. And you wuddent want that…… ;-) sending super-strength extra effective ones, courtesy of Young Ross, Foo Fighter Extraordinaire. You may have to brush the loose fur off, first. (((((huuuug)))))

  2. So sorry to hear this. I hope by the time I leave this comment (I’ve been away for a week) you’re starting to feel a bit better, well a LOT better really. You’re having such a tough time and being so brave.

    Take care.

    Sue xx

  3. Hope you’re feeling a little better by now Yasmin. It’s not funny when the treatment is worse than the symptoms. We’re with you, every step. (((hugs)))
    I thought you’d like to see what Delta Airlines have been doing with Minute Maid juices for breast cancer research….

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