(3)2B or not (3)2B

Here we go then…

My ultrasound last week showed some shrinkage but not enough to save the breast. My boobs are so tiny that even removing a small lump would take away most of the breast tissue and it seems chemo isn’t going to make it anywhere near small enough. So the Chemo Guy has stopped my chemotherapy (hooray, I hated it but eek, I want all the chemo you can throw at me) and organised surgery.

I’m having a mastectomy with an immediate implant (Yay!). I didn’t want flap reconstruction as this leaves too much scarring for me and anyway, I “don’t have enough fat on my abdomen, bum or back to use”
(I’m taking this as a compliment, Mr Surgeon)

And EVEN BETTER…I’m having a Becker implant (Woweee!) which acts as both a stretcher and the permanent implant. The radiotherapy may damage it but if that happens it will be replaced.

And EVEN MORE BETTERER…I’m having both boobs a little bigger than they are now. I’m currently 32A and can’t decide on 32B or 32C. I’m seeing the surgeon again next week and he will advise me so I guess I should take his advice.

All this has been brought forward by three months and I’m not quite prepared for it but I will be.

On a sad note, my father died in his sleep two days ago. He’d been suffering from dementia for some years and is now free from the pain and distress this caused him.

5 Comments to “(3)2B or not (3)2B”

  1. I’m so very sorry to hear about your father. It seems as life throws so much at us all at once.

    It sounds as though you are having the best type of implant going, personally I would choose the 32B, then you will still feel just like ‘you’ but a touch bigger!

    But the choice is yours, I bet you never thought you would be shopping for boobs!!

    Take care.

  2. Yasmin, I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad.
    The end of your chemo is to be celebrated, albeit wasn’t the succes you were hoping for, I’m really happy they can help you with instant reconstruction. This is the best possible outcome and I can tell you’re going to be so happy. I hope you can view this as a turning point in this painful period of your life. Brave girl, I salute you and TB.
    Sheila xx

  3. Am so sorry to hear about your Dad, Yasmin. (((hug)))

    Good news about the implants though – you’ll be knocking their eyes out in more ways than one when you go back to your modelling! The surgeon might be able to let you see some photos of the sort of enhancement you would achieve, and guide you as to which size would be the best for you. Moving your recovery forward three months is fabulous, and you’ll be able to get your life back on track all the sooner.

    Ross sends a respectful snoozle – with the added bonus of a head rub.

  4. Really sorry to hear the news about your Dad, my friend’s Dad has just been diagnosed with dementia, it’s a terrible thing, she almost feels she’s lost her Dad already, if that makes sense?
    Speaking from experience, as a 34B, I would say go for the C!! But of course we always want what we don’t have, and also as a 32 you must be quite tiny so maybe a B will suffice. Good luck with your decision x

  5. I’m going to buck the trend and say small is beautiful, stick with the 32B!

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