Mr G’s Plans

Yesterday, I spent two and half hours at the hospital, partly with my breast care nurse (who told me the perils of lymphoedema…yikes) and mostly with my surgeon (known by all as Mr G) who told me his plans (meet a nice girl, settle down, kids, dog, place in the country) for my new breast. I’m not sure what they thought of my excitement about it all…they probably think I’m a little eccentric or barking mad.

Mr G is going to do his very best to minimise the scarring and give me evenly sized boobs…although it will be 6 – 8 months before all is completely finished and a further six months or so before all my treatment is done. Then there’s just a mere five years of Tamoxifen but SO WHAT? I can see light and boobs at the end of the tunnel.

At the Breast Clinic I bought two of Mr G’s preferred post surgery bras…

…actually, I quite like them; I’d happily wear them to the gym or with jeans.

The Breast Care nurse gave me a heart shaped cushion to place between my arm and breast after surgery. Apparently a lot of women have found this very comfortable and so some ladies make these cushions for the clinic to give out. And once again, such kindness had me filling up.

And then this…

…my handsome husband in the
handsome sweater I finished this morning.
Baby, we are so rock and roll!

3 Comments to “Mr G’s Plans”

  1. Wow, so much going on! I like Mr G’s plans, almost makes me wish I was one of your breasts…
    What’s a few months between treatments, eh? It’ll soon pass. And that sweater… Mr T is surely the envy of us all! Looks a bit like Daniel Craig, too.

  2. Hey Jonathan – you took the words out of my mouth – I was thinking that TB has a look of the old Daniel Craig’s about him too! Sounds like they all have everything well under control, which means you can afford to be excited. The months will fly past. That’s a very nice bra choice – reminds me of the ones Bravissimo do as sports bras. Just what you need to give your new boobs a hug and keep ’em snug. Oh – and three cheers for Mr G. Sounds like a good guy. 8-)

  3. What a lovely positive post, it reflects you so well.

    And that is a seriously hunky jumper, and the man inside it’s not bad either :-)

    Sue xx

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