Radiotherapy…such a doddle, so far!

So far, radiotherapy has been an absolute doddle.


Here’s the beast that zaps me and the bed I lie on in front of it. I took this photograph as it was being set up for me…the green thing is the head rest and blue and white thing supports my arm.  I get myself in position, then the radiographers shift me about a bit…literally a tiny, tiny bit…2mm one way, 1.5mm another, using green lasers as a guide.  Then they press a button and run out of the room before the beeping stops and the zapping starts.  Positioning me for it takes five minutes.  The actual zapping takes less than a minute.  They do this twice, then I go home.

My journey to the hospital takes an hour or so and I’m lucky enough to be using volunteer provided transport.  (TB just can’t take two or three hours off every day for fifteen consecutive days.)

I have 99.9% Aloe Vera gel to use during this treatment as it apparently helps minimise skin damage.

Last night when I got home TB had beaten me to it and turned on the lights and it was cosy and warm. It is very good to come home to find a handsome young man waiting for me!

3 Comments to “Radiotherapy…such a doddle, so far!”

  1. I’m glad it’s going okay up to now and how lovely that you have a handsome TB to get the house all cosy for your return.

    I hope you have a wonderful calm and relaxing Christmas.

    Sue xx

  2. Handsome young man eh? Almost makes me wish I was a lady!

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