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January 12, 2013

Ralph’s back!

Ralph’s finally had something to post about here

January 11, 2013


Today I had the last of my fifteen radiotherapy zappings. My skin is a bit sore and the muscle is now very sore. Although the actual zapping has finished, the radiotherapy still works for a couple more weeks so all this soreness will get a little worse before it gets better. I was told today that I will feel tired and unwell for a few months…pffft to that! I have no desire to feel unwell and will accept only a little tiredness.

I have to wait now to hear from the Chemo Guy who will arrange Herceptin infusions and liaise with my double surgeons to arrange my double surgery.

I’ve been taking Tamoxifen now for about a month. It’s not causing any major problems…I am getting the predicted hot flushes, about four or five a day lasting no more than five minutes each. They are very strange as the heat builds up inside me and literally seems to make me boil. I also have painful knee joints which seize up if I sit still for too long. I shall be taking this drug until I’ve had my hysterectomy when I will be switched to a different hormone treatment for five years.

The chemotherapy side effects are subsiding…hooray!

Up until a couple of weeks ago my nails felt very wobbly and were pulling away from my fingers and I thought I was going to lose some but now they feel much better. They are still black and blue and yucky looking but as I always wear polish, who’s to know?!

I don’t know when my taste buds returned to normal function I was simply aware one day that they had. It’s very unpleasant when everything tastes of soap and feels creamy.

My bones no longer ache, apart from Tamoxifen knees…that stopped about a month ago.

My hair is getting longer as I type…I just can’t see it.

I can’t remember the last time I felt dizzy…it’s big relief as it often made me feel unsafe.

Digestive matters, in and out, are much improved to the extent of being pretty much gone.

So, another corner turned.

January 4, 2013

Jason Statham, droopage and number two

Radiotherapy is progressing well. I’ve now had ten of the fifteen and am beginning to feel the predicted tiredness. I tend to nod off after dinner while TB watches a movie (usually some sort of boys’ film with Jason Statham annihilating half a dozen ninja warriors with only a rubber chicken) and wake up near the end and ask what’s happened so far. Also, the muscle behind which my implant lies is feeling taut and rather sore, again as predicted but that should ease.

This morning I took some photographs to show you the current state of droopage.
There’s  five weeks between these “then and now” pictures.

last_after        Snapshot - 2
Then                                                                       Now

S1270008        Snapshot - 4
Then                                                                       Now

Blimey, I look very lopsided in the top “now” picture! Roll on my match making surgery. I asked about this today and was told both surgeons are happy to combine the surgery so I should be having mastectomy and reconstruction number two and hysterectomy supreme round about March/April.