Jason Statham, droopage and number two

Radiotherapy is progressing well. I’ve now had ten of the fifteen and am beginning to feel the predicted tiredness. I tend to nod off after dinner while TB watches a movie (usually some sort of boys’ film with Jason Statham annihilating half a dozen ninja warriors with only a rubber chicken) and wake up near the end and ask what’s happened so far. Also, the muscle behind which my implant lies is feeling taut and rather sore, again as predicted but that should ease.

This morning I took some photographs to show you the current state of droopage.
There’s  five weeks between these “then and now” pictures.

last_after        Snapshot - 2
Then                                                                       Now

S1270008        Snapshot - 4
Then                                                                       Now

Blimey, I look very lopsided in the top “now” picture! Roll on my match making surgery. I asked about this today and was told both surgeons are happy to combine the surgery so I should be having mastectomy and reconstruction number two and hysterectomy supreme round about March/April.

3 Comments to “Jason Statham, droopage and number two”

  1. You seem to have a brilliant shape in the ‘done’ boob, if the other one is as good you will be set for life and then you can forget the ‘droopage’. You have so much ahead of you to face and yet seem so optimisti, can I just say I am in complete awe of your attitude and fortitude (if that is the right word). I only hope if I am faced with anything like this that I have half of your strength.

    Well done girl!!

  2. I have to agree with Sue, the shape and nipple are looking great, come the summer you will be a new woman! Well, parts of you will be new anyway, we want that feisty attitude to stay the same.

  3. Everything is looking great Yasmin. As Sue and Jonathan have already said – you’re just amazing, and forging ahead with your life. You’re an absolute inspiration. Gotta say, I fall asleep like that without the treatment you’re going through – am just a dozey mare, lol !

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