Recovery Rut

TB has had eight students pass so far this year (six first timers!) but only one pass has made me fill up! It could be because my treatment has made me fragile and emotional but I think it’s more because the young man who passed yesterday worked so hard, put in so much effort, listened to TB and deservedly sailed through his test. It’s been lovely seeing him gain so much confidence and now, with a full licence, the world is his oyster! Congratulations, young man…you know who you are xx

It’s been a while since I posted, during which time I’ve been in a recovery rut…at a standstill, waiting for the next phase. I feel like I can’t get on with anything until all my treatment and surgery is complete…silly, I know!

Radiotherapy finished a month ago and the side effects from that are slowly subsiding although I’ve been told there are some which haven’t shown up yet, amongst these, damage to my ribs as scars form. But now I’ve seen the Chemo Guy and my Herceptin infusions will begin (another six hour re-load again!) at the end of the month. I need these definite dates to feel as if something is actually being done and remind myself all I’ve been through so far is for a reason.

I asked if there was any chance of bringing forward the next surgery and was told as it’s not life-saving it won’t be top of the surgeons’ lists…I reminded him that surgeon number two wants my ovaries out pretty sharpish but I fully understand. It’s just me, being impatient, wanting to get back to being me.

…and why oh why is my hair growing sooooooooooo slowly?!

3 Comments to “Recovery Rut”

  1. Hey lady – good to see you posting again! Well done to TB for his sterling efforts, and every one of those 8 passes will be chuffed to bits at what he’s taught them. Yay to success!!

    Patience is of course a virtue when it comes to hanging about and waiting, but virtue can be boring, and of course you want to get on with things ((hug)) Your hair however is taking it’s time and doing its best because it knows you’ll love it when it’s sleek and glossy and all yours again to twirl round a finger, or wrap in a turban or flick suggestively at TB on high days and holidays, so it wants to get it right for you. 8-)

    Love to Ralph. x

  2. Just lots of hugs. So good to hear from you. Know there is a circle of love around you at all times.

  3. Yasmin so good to see you posting. Sending you lots of gentle hugs from me and Felicity.

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