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March 30, 2013

The matching pair!

First, TB, I love you. You are my world.
Second, thank you to you all for your messages of well wishes and support. You really do give me strength.

I’ve been home two days and still feel very sleepy and it’s all very painful; but I have vast amounts of painkillers so it’s manageable. It’s a little easier this time as there was no need to remove the axillary nodes on this side.


Some pretty bruising and two drains which will be removed on Tuesday.
I was happy with my small, natural breasts but I’m happy to look like this if it means kicking cancer’s butt.
I’ll post more when I find some oomph!

March 26, 2013

Mastectomy, mastectomy…

Surgery tomorrow.
Second mastectomy and reconstruction


Packed and ready
Speak to you soon

March 24, 2013

Fig rolls and Herceptin

Last week I had another intravenous Herceptin dose.


I took Jacob’s Fig Rolls (which are vegan and the best and less calories than most biscuits) to have with the hospital coffee. They do look after us in the chemo suite…endless cups of coffee and biscuits but I can’t be sure their biscuits are vegan and their sandwiches definitely aren’t. This time it only took three hours.

I also saw the pharmacist who explained the procedure for having the next fourteen doses administered at home. I think this is a fantastic service but he seemed to be almost apologetic about it. I get the feeling many patients see this as a cop out by the hospital but I see it as a caring way to make this treatment easier for me.

All things being well, I won’t be going to the chemo suite again. I shall still see the staff there as my oncologist appointments are in the same department.

When I got home I had this :o)


I love Fevertree (and Waitrose) tonic water as it doesn’t have sweeteners in it. All the others, even the Fat Tonic Waters have saccharin or aspartame in and I don’t want that stuff in my food and drink…it also tastes vile. There are a lot of things I don’t want in my food and drink. To this end I try to avoid processed or intensively farmed/grown produce. I’m buying organic when I can (Jeez that stuff’s expensive sometimes) and, as ever, I make our meals from scratch.

I’ve been advised to avoid dairy as this contains too many hormones which have been given to the cows to increase yields. Lucky I’m vegan then and knew all this and wouldn’t want to have something which had caused the cow to suffer anyway. Lucky I also don’t eat any animal flesh as this is so full of growth hormones it’s scary. I’m being given drugs to block all these things where they occur naturally and I don’t want to introduce unnecessary extras.

TB has downloaded to his Kindle (there must be a verb for that…Kindled) Eat & Run by Scott Jurek. He’s an ultrarunner (wow…there’s an actual word for him) and a vegan. TB is wondering if a vegan diet will improve his triathloning…well, yes, of course it will.

My fingernails are getting worse…hey ho.

Three days till I have my boobs evened up…

March 17, 2013

Happy Birthdays and Boobage

Today is Saint Patrick’s day.
It is also the birthday of Mrs. Captain and Ralph (seen here enjoying a tasty little morsel)
So, many happy returns to Mrs. Captain and Yoohoozibub (that’s Ralph).

I’ve taken a couple of pictures of my superduper new breast to show its shape now.



It’s been nearly nineteen weeks since surgery and eleven weeks since the completion of radiotherapy, which had an influence on the shape…hence the wait for making the old breast match…that’s being done in a few days

And look…my hair is growing back. I hate it more than I can politely say but MY HAIR IS GROWING BACK!
All the bollox I’ve been through with still more to come and the thing that’s p*ssed me off the most has been losing my hair. Crazy, huh?

March 10, 2013

Marmite and bagels

Thank you, Mrs Captain for the Marmite Jar you sent…I’ve put tea in it!

DSC02598I’m loving a bagel or two these days, as well

And thank you to my son, his fiancée and my grand-dog…I looooove the red, sparkly heart

I’m looking forward to the rugby this afternoon. I shall wear my England shirt and hold my England rugby ball in one hand and a glass of something squiffy making in the other. Hmmm…I shall have to hold TB’s hand in my teeth

March 7, 2013

Surgery sorted

Today I saw my breast surgeon and we’ve decided to get the second mastectomy done sooner rather than later, so now I won’t be having the hysterectomy at the same time. He’s going to remove the breast tissue and the nipple, again leaving the areola and place the implant (fully inflated this time!) under the muscle as before. We’ll wait a few weeks till all has settled down then my surgeon will tweak the saline in the implants to get as good a match as he can. Nipples will be reconstructed a few months later.

I’ve been given the option of replacing the implants with a different shape and type after a year or so if I wish although the way the first one’s looking, I don’t think that’s likely but who knows? My surgeon looked at my new breast and said it really does look as though I’ve simply had breast augmentation rather than a mastectomy to rid me of cancer. This is down to his skill and I love him for it :o)

I’d like to say thank you to Kristine for being flexible today; TB and I do appreciate it x

March 1, 2013

Hair cut! (Oh, and Herceptin…)

A couple of days ago I had my hair cut…just the back tidied
up a little, so now it looks almost like a deliberate style and not chemo aftermath.
I want to mention Laura at Designers Hair Care Centre who did this at no charge.

So Laura, thank you…it’s gestures like this which get me through some dark days and you probably have no idea how much it meant to me

Yesterday I spent six hours at the hospital being re-loaded (for the third time!) with Herceptin. This is the drug I will be given for a year and which will block lots of hormones to prevent a recurrence of my HER2+ cancer. I’m also taking Tamoxifen to block estrogen as my cancer is also ER+8

DSC02592Prepped and ready

It left me feeling extremely tired, fighting to stay awake and aching all over so today is a slow
easy, nodding off, taking a nap kind of day  :o)

The treatment took 90 minutes but it’s a nasty drug so I have to be monitored for four and a half hours afterwards.  I spent the time reading glossy magazines, drooling over shoes, sighing at bags and marvelling at the magic of Photoshop

I still hate my hair though…