Hair cut! (Oh, and Herceptin…)

A couple of days ago I had my hair cut…just the back tidied
up a little, so now it looks almost like a deliberate style and not chemo aftermath.
I want to mention Laura at Designers Hair Care Centre who did this at no charge.

So Laura, thank you…it’s gestures like this which get me through some dark days and you probably have no idea how much it meant to me

Yesterday I spent six hours at the hospital being re-loaded (for the third time!) with Herceptin. This is the drug I will be given for a year and which will block lots of hormones to prevent a recurrence of my HER2+ cancer. I’m also taking Tamoxifen to block estrogen as my cancer is also ER+8

DSC02592Prepped and ready

It left me feeling extremely tired, fighting to stay awake and aching all over so today is a slow
easy, nodding off, taking a nap kind of day  :o)

The treatment took 90 minutes but it’s a nasty drug so I have to be monitored for four and a half hours afterwards.  I spent the time reading glossy magazines, drooling over shoes, sighing at bags and marvelling at the magic of Photoshop

I still hate my hair though…


2 Comments to “Hair cut! (Oh, and Herceptin…)”

  1. Please don’t hate your hair Yasmin – your hair will be long and lustrous again, it will.

    All those teeny tiny keratin warriers are fighting as hard as they can to grow and grow and grow. Think of it this way – give each and every one of those tiny keratin warriers a long and loving gaze, tell them how wonderful they are, and how much you love them for trying so hard when it really can’t be easy. Then step back a bit and see how that applies equally to you.

    While you’re dreaming about those bags and shoes those tiny little keratin braves dream about being long and lustrous and pampered with super creamy shampoos and swanky spanky conditioners!

  2. You are fighting so hard and so valiently. You are a warrior and I am continuing to pray for total healing for you. God bless and keep you, strong soul.

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