Surgery sorted

Today I saw my breast surgeon and we’ve decided to get the second mastectomy done sooner rather than later, so now I won’t be having the hysterectomy at the same time. He’s going to remove the breast tissue and the nipple, again leaving the areola and place the implant (fully inflated this time!) under the muscle as before. We’ll wait a few weeks till all has settled down then my surgeon will tweak the saline in the implants to get as good a match as he can. Nipples will be reconstructed a few months later.

I’ve been given the option of replacing the implants with a different shape and type after a year or so if I wish although the way the first one’s looking, I don’t think that’s likely but who knows? My surgeon looked at my new breast and said it really does look as though I’ve simply had breast augmentation rather than a mastectomy to rid me of cancer. This is down to his skill and I love him for it :o)

I’d like to say thank you to Kristine for being flexible today; TB and I do appreciate it x


4 Comments to “Surgery sorted”

  1. It all sounds like it’s going to plan :-)

    It seems to make sense to have the second reconstruction seperately from the hysterectomy, our bodies are tough things but better, in my opinion anyway, to let it get over one trauma before inflicting another. I hope it all goes to plan for you, you have had such a tough time.

    It’s lovely that you have such a good relationship with your surgeon too.

  2. Really good news Yasmin – I know you’ve been impatient to “get going” again, and hope if you haven’t already, that you get your date for surgery very soon. What an incredible man your surgeon is. And of course your hubby. Well deserved for an equally incredible lady. ((hug))

  3. Hi you glad its all coming together – there is light at the end of the tunnel keep strong love and hugsxx:)xxSavxx

  4. By the way – meant to say the other day that I love the new piccie on your home page – you look distinctly mischievous!

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