Happy Birthdays and Boobage

Today is Saint Patrick’s day.
It is also the birthday of Mrs. Captain and Ralph (seen here enjoying a tasty little morsel)
So, many happy returns to Mrs. Captain and Yoohoozibub (that’s Ralph).

I’ve taken a couple of pictures of my superduper new breast to show its shape now.



It’s been nearly nineteen weeks since surgery and eleven weeks since the completion of radiotherapy, which had an influence on the shape…hence the wait for making the old breast match…that’s being done in a few days

And look…my hair is growing back. I hate it more than I can politely say but MY HAIR IS GROWING BACK!
All the bollox I’ve been through with still more to come and the thing that’s p*ssed me off the most has been losing my hair. Crazy, huh?


2 Comments to “Happy Birthdays and Boobage”

  1. I like the breast profile, looks completely natural. Once the nipple is re-instated it should be near-as-dammit perfect. Hope they make as good a job on the matching pair.

  2. You’re looking beautiful Yasmin, and your new boobage is just amazing! (Give your hair a chance – it’s getting there)

    And hope you and Ralph had a wonderful day Treats are very good, and you dont have to save them for birthdays (Ralph, take note! 8-) )

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