The matching pair!

First, TB, I love you. You are my world.
Second, thank you to you all for your messages of well wishes and support. You really do give me strength.

I’ve been home two days and still feel very sleepy and it’s all very painful; but I have vast amounts of painkillers so it’s manageable. It’s a little easier this time as there was no need to remove the axillary nodes on this side.


Some pretty bruising and two drains which will be removed on Tuesday.
I was happy with my small, natural breasts but I’m happy to look like this if it means kicking cancer’s butt.
I’ll post more when I find some oomph!

2 Comments to “The matching pair!”

  1. Glad things went smoothly, and hope you find your oomph soon! ((hugs))

  2. Yay! You’re home!! Hoping the painkillers are managing to keep the worst of the discomfort at bay Yasmin. We can do a bit of butt-kicking for you if you don’t feel up to it – just to keep the ball in the air, as it were. ;-) and today’s the day the drains come out, so everything crossed for you for later today ((hug))

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