Home, Herceptin and don’t spare the horses

I’ve had my first home Herceptin. Nurse Kathryn was with me last Thursday morning for a little over two hours and all went well. In the afternoon I saw my surgeon who beamed at his handiwork and was very pleased with my progress…but not as pleased as I am with my surgeon. (Did I ever mention he’s young and good looking?) All the exits have healed and the scar on the breast is looking good. The final dressing should come off in a few days.

Ralph has sustained a sporting injury!

2 Comments to “Home, Herceptin and don’t spare the horses”

  1. Really pleased to hear things are going so well, Yasmin. And well done to your Rather Gorgeous Surgeon. 8-)

    Ross sends a loving snoozle (and is very sorry to hear about Ralph’s sporting injury, “even if he is a dog” (cats, eh?)

  2. So pleased all is going well Yasmin.
    Poor Ralph, sending healing vibes for him .
    Gentle hugs from me and Felicity.
    x Pav

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