She’s sure fine looking, man…

Four weeks after surgery this is how I look. The dressings are off, drains are out and I’ve had a saline top up.


The scar is still healing but is looking good.


The top up I had makes me almost balanced. I shall have another top up this week then wait until all the swelling has gone and the muscle has dropped to even up these babies!

I don’t seem to be recovering as quickly as last time. With the first operation, four weeks later I was almost pain free and had full movement. This time I still have a lot of pain and movement is there but is very painful. I’m trying to be patient.
I’m stupidly tired, needing two or three or four naps a day and still being ready for bed by 7 o’clock…and not in the same way as a few months ago ;o)

Please click on the ribbon below the video. Please keep giving. I’m getting through this with your help and the love and support of TB. Not everyone has this so we need to find easier treatment, care and most of all a cure for cancer.

4 Comments to “She’s sure fine looking, man…”

  1. Here comes that Girl again!

    Can’t tell you how pleased I am to see these pics, Yasmin. You are just amazing and the surgeon has done some wonderful work. Come see us on Purrs when you get a moment? xxx

  2. Looking good Yasmin, looking good. Sending uber snoozles from Ross to help those pains go away.

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