Short change…

Here I am…short hair, short dress (but you can’t see that!)


What do you think?

Snapshot - 49

…and how about these?
Ooh la la, no?

Another step closer.
It’s been a long, long walk but I’m going to f**king get there!

6 Comments to “Short change…”

  1. Looking absolutely brilliant :-)

    And TOTALLY rocking the short hair loook.

  2. And not only but also… Yasmin you look totally natural. That surgeon is amazing, and so are you! Congratulations on the Punky hairdo too, so youthful. And do I see eyebrows? Hmmm?

  3. Oh Wow – Yasmin!!! You look absolutely AMAZING!!!! Crikey missus – just look at you. 8-)) You truly are beautiful, inside and out. Never mind the long walk treasure, you’re most certainly strutiing your stuff now. Love it!! Love you!!

  4. What they said ^^

  5. You look beautiful. Consider yourself hugged.

  6. Wow looking soooo good!! GO GIRL Hugs and
    Love Savxx

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