I’m just a-walking the dog…

Last week I accompanied my gorgeous TB to an Open Water Training Session, my first “almost social” outing since last July…and I didn’t wear a wig. That is a big, big step for me. My hair looked crap but Bruce and Willis (my left and right respectively) looked pretty darn good.

S1440011The acclimatisation process…cold toes first

S1440017then cold knees…

S1440021         S1440024

But there’s more…today I went out on my own for the first time since diagnosis last June.
Actually, I had Ralph with me. The poor dog has missed out so much; he was a happy boy strolling along at my side.

All these steps, some tiny, some giant, all taking me back (or is it forward?) to where I want to be.
Life is different but it is good again. I still have some side effects from chemotherapy which need treatment and I’m hoping it’ll turn out ok and if not then we’ll just work round it and life will be another different sort of good.


2 Comments to “I’m just a-walking the dog…”

  1. Oooo – that looks cold!!! Lol! So pleased Ralph got to have an adventure out with his Mum. He’ll have been a very happy boy.

    You’re moving forward, Yasmin – definitely forward. ((hug))

  2. Excellent! *Mr Burns*

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