Kicking butt but…

So far, I don’t miss my old boobs and I have the fantastic Mr G to thank for that.

I’m kicking cancer’s butt BUT I miss miss miss my hair

ThisThis is how I looked a year ago.

I know I shouldn’t dwell on it. I’m alive, I even have breasts. BUT, as I’m sure a lot of you ladies will understand,
I WANT MY HAIR BACK!! It’s so much a part of who I am. I feel I’ve lost my soft girliness. Short hair is too harsh for me.
I find myself making excuses for it. I steer conversations to how I used to have waist length hair. I avoid some occasions because I do not look my best. The treatment for cancer takes its toll and it shows when I look in the mirror. But I can’t keep adding “oh, and I used to look so much younger!”

On Thursday I had my regular visit to cardiology. Herceptin is known to cause heart damage so I have to be monitored every three months. There has been no deterioration so all is well. You know how sometimes you feel so comfortable and relaxed with someone? This is how it is with Joy, the cardio lady, she makes people feel at ease. It’s a wonderful quality to possess.

I also had my regular blood test. I’m not supposed to have needles in my left arm (one of the many recommended precautions because of the lymphodema risk) but this has had to be done twice because the veins in my right arm are now too hard to use. I’m not a happy bunny about this…not happy at all. I’m going to ask my local surgery if the nurse there will take blood from my ankles instead. Some clinics do, some clinics don’t.

And psssst…please keep clicking the pink ribbon…there’s still a lot of butt kicking to be done!

One Comment to “Kicking butt but…”

  1. So good to be hearing good news.

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