Charity Walk for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Two things made me cry yesterday.

An email from Sheila, from which I quote:
Your inspirational blog has gone worldwide and is now helping other women in the USA,. here’s a note I just received from a friend in San Francisco, LA who has been following you from the start…

 “My friend has the gene and has already had the oopherectomy and will get a double mastectomy in the next year or so. I told her about your friend’s blog and how frank it was and she asked me to send her the link, so I did. So her blog is actually helping other people.”

Cue floods of tears! And Sheila, I love that you consider me your friend. Thank you

And then this:
We took part in a Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity Walk.

Thank you to Laura for organising this…

without people like you raising funds for research I doubt I’d be where I am now

ArrivalTaking it easy, not wanting to tire myself before the off ;o)

The aforementioned “Off”.
So many lovely people wearing pink

A very awesome lady wearing pink, pink and yet more pink, walking alongside a lady wearing pink socks
(and pink knickers but you’ll just have to take my word for that)

The weather finally behaved itself and the route planned by Laura was perfect
…not too hard, nice and flat with some beautiful views.

The balloon finale. Yes, this made me cry.

The kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of people makes me wobbly lipped

stickersClick on those stickers…I dare you!

And thank you to TB for these photographs, for rescuing the runaway balloon and for
giving me the strength I’ve needed to kick cancer in the butt good and hard!



3 Comments to “Charity Walk for Breakthrough Breast Cancer”

  1. Absolutely brilliant, and yes, you are helping lots of people with your honesty, your photos and just by being you, you’ve kicked cancer in the butt good and proper and we are all waving you oon from the sidelines still.

    Oh, and by the way I think your short hair looks absolutely FANTASTIC, but then I have almost the same style but blonde. I understand that as a former ‘longy’ you want it back but believe me you rock that short look :-)

  2. Oh, yes and I meant to add, I hope those stickers weren’t too sticky…..ouch!!

  3. You are the awesome one! It was a real honour to meet you and you have inspired me more than I can tell you. Hope our paths cross again sometime in this wonderfully complicated world we live in!! X

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