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June 26, 2013

Nuptials afoot…

DSC02669Look what came in the post today!

So perdily wrapped…

DSC02671…the invitation to the wedding
of my son and his beautiful fiancee.

Without the generosity of those who give to research and help care,
I’d be in no fit state to be there, if at all.
I want to make sure others will be there for their special days, so,
I know I’ve asked before but please do keep giving by clicking the pink ribbon.

(Already sniffling…I shall need waterproof make-up on the day)

June 12, 2013

Birthday, anniversary and thank you

Two important days to post about.

A year ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s been the toughest year I have ever known but with the love and support of TB and the support and encouragement of all you Tinternet people I’ve got through it. We did it together, we kicked that f**cking cancer right where it hurts and if it ever dares to show its face again, we’ll kick it some more.
With all my heart I thank you

And yesterday was TB’s birthday and how else to start the day but a 7.00 a.m. swim in a lake!
(I had to get up at 5.00 a.m. to be ready)

freelake2 (1)        freelake

I love that TB tells me he does this for me…so he’ll always be fit and “phwoar” for me.
Well, darling, it’s working…