Nuptials afoot…

DSC02669Look what came in the post today!

So perdily wrapped…

DSC02671…the invitation to the wedding
of my son and his beautiful fiancee.

Without the generosity of those who give to research and help care,
I’d be in no fit state to be there, if at all.
I want to make sure others will be there for their special days, so,
I know I’ve asked before but please do keep giving by clicking the pink ribbon.

(Already sniffling…I shall need waterproof make-up on the day)


4 Comments to “Nuptials afoot…”

  1. How wonderful, congratulations to your son and his fiancée.

  2. Ooo – exciting! Are you going to treat yourself to something fab to wear? 8-)

    Congratulations to your son and his fiancee.

    • Thank you, ladies

      Sue, I have bought a low cut, short bodycon dress in shocking red! And, of course, sky high heels. I’m going to take these puppies to the ball in some saucy style…a little unconventional for mother of the groom but then that’s how I am :o)

      • Lol! You’re allowed to be unconventional – in the words of Bill Joel “You can’t be convicted, you’ve earned your degree” – pride in those puppies my lady! You’ll look absolutely sensational. (hug)

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