Tri tri again

TB has not been able to train as he would have liked as he’s been staying by my side
as much as possible during my treatment.static2The acquisition of a turbo trainer helped though and I did enjoy watching ;o)

Yesterday was TB’s first triathlon of the year.

For this event he rocked a yellow rubber hat…

Running shoes ready in the transition area while TB is out on the road on the cycle leg

Me, lazing in the sun while TB is out the road on the cycle leg!
(In six weeks I shall be 52…not bad for an old bird, eh?)

_DSC8550The man himself out on the road on the cycle leg

 JM_runAnd here he is on the first lap of the run, looking pretty fresh and going well.
We had to get up at 4am but oh my, it was worth it to be kissed by my handsome hero husband as he ran by me on the second lap and his end result was a new personal best.

_MG_6165Proud doesn’t cut it. I am proud, smug, chuffed and so in love with this man…

PhewIt was a warm and sunny morning. TB was happy to be back in the groove and I was so happy to be there with him.
Here we are after he has just crossed the finish. (Whatever is aching, I am about to kiss it better…)
Thank you to Jill for this photograph.
It was great to meet you and Jim yesterday and Jim, my good man, you are an inspiration.

And please keep clicking the pink ribbon so more proud, smug, chuffed wives can be there at the finish line.

Thank you


2 Comments to “Tri tri again”

  1. What a guy!

  2. You guys truly are awesome. :)

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