Purrs, prods and pokes

First of all, I want to thank everyone on the Purrs forum. I hadn’t been there for a long time and when I checked it yesterday evening I was overwhelmed by the comments and concern shown…yep, I cried! Also, I’ve managed to stuff up my account there. I changed my email and user name and now can’t log in. HELP, please, somebody at Purrs!

I saw the Lady Bits Guy today. He poked and prodded.
It seems my 65mm fibroid has shrunk and will not necessitate a hysterectomy, although I am to have another internal ultrasound to make sure. More poking and prodding…my life is weird. I saw the CT Scan pictures of me.
Man, that stuff is awesome!

I will, however, be having an oophorectomy (gotta love that word…it sounds cute and cuddly) but it’s only keyhole surgery, 24 hours in hospital, ten day recovery so I’m not too bothered by it. I’m more scared of having my filler ports removed under LOCAL aneasthetic. WTF?!

Removing my ovaries will mean no oestrogen from them will feed any stray breast cancer cells (my cancer was oestrogen responsive) which may have strayed to other parts of me. (Sneaky little f*ckers!) It will also prevent ovarian cancer and while it’s not thought I have the BRCA gene which causes breast and ovarian cancer, (based on the fact that my cancer showed up at an average age and there’s no family history) it’s still worth doing. Oddly, this is the view of the gynaecologist, not the oncologist but I’m happy to take this precaution, especially as it’s fairly minor surgery these days.

I am so grateful to the NHS. They really do care and are doing all they can to take cancer out of the equation and give me back my carefree life…and I will get it back. I have a beautiful husband who I will not leave.

SONY DSCWhen TB takes my hand, I can do anything.


5 Comments to “Purrs, prods and pokes”

  1. Hang on, I think I have something in my eye.

  2. So sweet :) loving your possitive and sensible attitude (as always). I think the NHS seem to be doing a really good job for you x

  3. Hey treasure – re Purrs, am on the case, and will PM Tan so we can get you sorted and logged back in (I do it occasionally as well – no idea how, it’s just a gift I have, lol!) Clearly it’s because we were making sure those sneaky little fekkers didnt try anything when we weren’t looking! ;-)

  4. Hi so glad to see you are getting better you are one strong lady. Love and hugs Savxx

  5. Me again – an activation email has been sent to your (new) email address from Purrs admin. Just click on the link to activate and insert your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, let us know and we can re-set. Any problems, give me a shout.

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