Chemotherapy and sunblock

I had been told docetaxol (one of my chemotherapy drugs) is photosensitive and would make me photosensitive…but I had no idea just HOW photosensitve. I enjoyed the weekend’s sun and I did use SPF30 sun block. I always tan easily and never burn, even without it. BUT…after just ten minutes in the sun TB said “Uh oh.”
I had already tanned sooooo deeply and now I have light patches and stripes.
I’ve asked some other photosensitive ladies about this and it seems we are all tanning with great ease.
So I guess I need to take more care than I had thought necessary.

TB and I took the young master and miss and Ralph to see my mother at the weekend.

DSCF1034 The young master took Ralph and Stanley for a stroll

TB realised the joy of a hammock
This particular hammock is over forty years old, as is this particular toyboy!

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