I am packed and ready for more cancer kicking surgery.
Tomorrow I am having an oophorectomy (ovaries are being whipped out) to stop the production of
estrogen (that is what fed my breast cancer) and prevent any stray cells from further feeding!

It should be keyhole surgery so I will be home on Friday night.
I am told I will need a couple of weeks to recover so more boredom looms!
Ah well, I have a reading list of twenty books so I will be able to avoid daytime TV

Apparently I will not need chocolate
but I am campaigning for chips


3 Comments to “Ooph!”

  1. Sending you tons of hugs and hoping all went well. How you doing getting through your reading list?

  2. Every good wish, Rebecca.

  3. Topping up the hugs. (((hug)))

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