All was well at the dentist; apparently my oral hygiene skills are very good. Oral hygiene is a skill! Who knew?

I’ve seen doctor number one who dismissed one concern.
I’m still waiting to see doctor number two who is the serious guy so sleep still evades me.

I’ve spent weeks not being able to work because I was too ill. Time off when you’re sick is no fun.
Today the sun is shining and it’s warm so for a few hours I ditched work, pushed thoughts of sickness to the back of a dusty cupboard and took Ralph for a stroll in the sun.

He sniffed and snuffled and sprinkled and sniffed and trotted and sniffed some more.
I get great pleasure from seeing him trotting (and sniffing) in his happy way.
Now we’re home with a pot of tea and a pot full of worries but it was nice…

…brief but nice.


One Comment to “Sniff…”

  1. One day at a time Rebecca – enjoying the sunshine (and the sniffing and sprinkling). Take your cue from Ralph. Bet he was made up to be out with his Mum! ((hug))

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